My next step with commission takeover is the place to be for web design in nottingham!

Since I’ve started Dean’s Commission Takeover coaching course, I’ve being going from strength to strength!!! I have achieved alot more then in my previous efforts!

Well within the training area theres an Elite Training Section and one of the Elite modules I’ve been learning, Is Dean’s rapid list building tactic!

In the past I’ve had little success growing my list and was making NO money from it what so ever!

So I am REALLY looking forward to seeing the results from this!!

Feeling confident now! Things are running smoothly and picking up.

I’ll keep everyone updated on how it’s going!! (good I’m predicting! haha)

How to install AWeber plugin

Well folks, Like I said in my previous post about the commission takeover coaching course im following through! I shall show you how to install the AWeber WordPress plugin.

I’ve even set up my own affiliate account now it’s so simple to navigate their website!!!

This handy plugin makes it simple to get your coding into your widget without having to paste the code in.

Plus in a weird way the plugin makes the widget in the control panel sidebar look nicer and less cluttered!

First of all you will need your Aweber account! thats simple to do!

If you haven’t got one yet I took the liberty of getting the link for you!

Thats my affiliate one, It’s on the right hand side in the side bar! So you know what it looks like >>>

(not that you want to do it yet, I’m just in full swing and followed a video tutorial to set it up. Do it whenever you are ready but your priority is getting the web form into the side widget)

Once You have signed up login to your blogs control panel,(WordPress) Then goto your plugins section on the righthand side double click add new plugin.

Once you have opened the search page type in “AWeber Web Form plugin” It should be on the top of the search list – Select install then it will upload.

Once it had uploaded you will then see :

AWeber Web Form requires authentication. You will need you to update your settings in order to continue to use AWeber Web Form.

At the top of the page, Click the “settings” underlined in the writing and it will take you to another page, The page will say:

Step 1: Click here to get your authorization code. – Click it and it will take you to an AWeber login option, Once you login you will then get the code… Copy and paste the code into the box below it then click “Make Connection”

Once you have done it, it will verify who you are and you will then be able to put it into your widget.

On the right hand side of the page then, You goto “appearance” then “widgets” then you will see the AWeber plugin tab.

Drag the tab into whichever widget then it should be inserted into it. Once you have done that double click the “edit” option on the widget.

You then select which list you want to put up and then select “my web form” Then SAVE then widget

Hope this helps!

Aweber – List building & Great WordPress Plugin

Well I’m still moving on steadily through the Commission Takeover Coaching Course and it’s going great!

I have been learning about list building and the benefits of having your own list to market to look fantastic!!!

Yesterday I got my AWeber account and made a list! It was easy to do as they give you video tutorials with each step!

The problem I did find though was in my theme! The sidebars are too skinny so it wouldn’t fit in!!

You have to put it in the widget on WordPress by putting the text into it by copying and pasting… BUT I have found this cool little plug-in which helps you out heaps!!

In a nutshell, it allows you to connect your WordPress blog with your AWeber account, letting you place AWeber forms on your self-hosted WordPress blog with just a few clicks, and without having to copy any code!!!

Handy or what!?! No messing about, it’s beyond easy to use! You can see it in the right hand sidebar on my blog! >>

I will do another post tomorrow showing you more about the AWeber plug-in so I can walk you through setting it up yourself.

Oh and if you want to join my list, I will be sharing my new finds and posting them to my list to help everyone out.

Hope it helps!


The Importance Of An About Me Page

Well I am still working my way through the Commission Takeover coaching course!

Today I am going to talk about my personal opinion on the importance of an “About Me” Page.

I would suggest everyone who has their own blog page should add an About Me page!

I feel that when people come to your blog they may find an interest in you! Have something in common with you and generally get to know you a bit better then just seeing a picture or reading your content!

The About Page gives you a closer look at the person. It makes you feel welcome when reading one. It’s like when you sign up to a social networking site, You learn a bit about the actual person too.

I always like to read abit about the blogger, When I’m reading through peoples blogs, I find something that captures my interest quite often! So I bookmark them and come back to see what they post! The less informal or funny the better for me as usually it makes it a better read!!

Returning visitors can be good for business surely!? You build up trust with your viewers and when you give good solid content when it comes to having something to offer they know it will be genuinely good!


I’ve that people wanting to follow in the footsteps of other internet marketers may be treated asif they are dreamers!

I was just telling my girlfriend tonight about the golden opportunity that lies ahead! But I got shot down!

People do not understand the potential that the future holds!!

Not just my girlfriend! My family also!

People are so negative it is unreal! Well I say they are being negative. They disagree, They say I’m being unrealistic!

But I have my friend to prove them wrong! He makes a nice earning!!!!

My only advice is!  Stay positive! Use other peoples success as your incentive to follow in their footsteps!

And work HARD! Not only that, Set goals for tomorrow and BIGGER goals for the future!

I wish everyone the best of luck! I personally hope everyone has the same outlook on their future asI do!

I know i’m going to make my fortune! I’m confident in everything that I do! I hope you are too!!!!!


Tracking my visitors.

Hi Guys and Girls!

Well, As you know… Dean has given me early access to the Commission Takeover and its going great!

Today I’ve installed my Google Analytics to my blog!

What is Google Analytics you may ask!?!

Well, It’s FREE software that Google provide to track all the visitors to your blog!

This tells you lots of cool information about the traffic you receive! for instance. It tells you where the person is from, average time on the site, Which page they went to, How many new people visited how many returned! And plenty more!

Basically you sign up to Google and create your own account, Then you create a profile for your blogsite. You enter the website url and it gives you a web property ID. This is unique to your website.

On your blog, In the control panel you goto your plugins and search for “Google Analytics”  Then download it, Enter your web property ID and HEY PRESTO! Your up and running!

There’s another way on certain blog themes i have found. In the settings you can enter a script coding that Google provide.

So dont get confused, Just go for the plugin. That way there’s not problems and it’s all done correctly! I entered it in both and it didn’t seem to work!

It was pretty easy to do and didn’t take too long!

Hope this helps anyone interesed in installing Google Analytics onto WordPress!

If anyone is stuck doing it I don’t mind helping, If I can!

Good luck!




Let me begin by introducing myself!

My names Craig Crawford I’m 26 from Nottingham!

How am I on this path?!  Well! A while ago now I used to work with my good friend Dean Holland… Over the past two years I have seen Dean make HUGE, Life changing amounts of money and obviously it sparked my interest!

So about a year ago I thought I’d jump in on it too!

Well Dean was very busy and helped explain as much as he could but couldn’t teach me as he had to establish himself first! So I went my own route…


I made niche websites, CPA offer websites – (click per action – Basically advertise on behalf of someone and get paid for them buying a product or filling in surveys etc)

Websites that promoted applications for search engines and get paid ppc (pay per click, Like the adverts for google)

See you know where I went wrong ALREADY eh!

Instead of concentrating on one thing! I was ZOOMING off! trying anything AND almost everything to make money!

But with little or no success! I worked hard at them.. but not for long enough…

You know what it’s like when you see little results in something you are putting effort into you feel deflated! Then something else looks promising! so you try that too…

Not just that I had my offline job to deal with!

WELL!!!! It just so happens I have more free time and Dean has been working on something that will change my life and yours too!

He’s going to teach us! How to make an income online

Dean has been working on a new training package called commission takeover, And as a friend he’s letting me access it early!

Seeing Deano’s lifestyle has given me a push to get on board and learn from him and follow the path I am destin for! This time I am going to just put all my efforts into this and keep focused on my goals.

Well Dean is my inspiration and I aspire to make a decent living online.

I hope everyone who’s already succesful can give me advice and help the same as I will others in the now and in the future, And people just setting off on our road to success will come along with me! I’d appreciate any comments especially on waht inspires you to get into internet marketing!!

I got sent this by my girlfriend to my phone the day I was talking to her about doing what I’m about to do!! My star sign is Cancer, Check it out! haha

Hope to get to you know you all better!

To your success!!!